Silver Linings Playbook Review

Being the sexiest man in the world gives you room to be bat-shit crazy

Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence silver linings playbook
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For years, my mother had been telling me to watch the Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

It would have nothing to do with the fact that people always say I look like him. But, Mom’s interest in my watching it was more-so along the lines that I act just like he does in the movie.

My wife, Angela and I watched it together and she totally agrees.

I had stuck a picture of Cooper on my dream board a few years back as an ultimate goal of one-day becoming his stunt double.

I can definitely take a few hits for minimum wage.

Hell, I’ve been doing it my whole life!

So, what ‘s the Universe telling me through this movie? To take my medicine, or that I need a wife just as crazy as I am?
Who knows.

The world is a shit-show right now.
Everyone seems to want to point fingers at everyone else. Who’s responsible.
And this is not a shot at my mother, in any way! This is just speaking in general.

I told Angela that we’d have cannon fodder for Thanksgiving, as she and Mom have been locked in an unspoken battle of wills since Mom accidentally cut our cake on wedding day.

I’m not real sure what Dad is trying to achieve?
Family harmony?

Mom and Angela, both are definitely working together to keep me from ever going off the deep-end again. My sister is still trying to help us all see we need more Jesus in our lives, and my brother, well, he’s a die-hard football fan.

Go Bucs!

So, yeah. We’re all a pretty good semblance of the film.

Guess, that makes my review relevant.

Pat, that’s the main character played by Cooper, is failing to see that his marriage is over, after catching his wife with another guy and going ape shit.

He gets out of the mental institution an unchanged man.
Well, I mean, he’s learned a few things that can help him grow, but he still believes the same stuff, and acts just as bipolar.
Which I just see as normal, but, I’m also off my meds.

He’s focused on getting his life back together, but still thinks his entire life revolves around his ex-wife.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence (WOW! Check out her website!), who plays Tiffany is going through a tough time after her husband is killed and takes a liking to Pat.
She seems to be handling things a little better than he is, but only because she’s more inwardly broken.

Pat, on the other hand is outwardly broken. You can see it in his eyes, his unshaven beard, his actions.

The two are made for each other.
Which explains why they start dancing together.

You’ll have to watch it to really get the feel of what’s going on.
But Robert De Niro plays Pat’s father (and does a phenomenal job in the role), dictating the family fortune and basing its success or failure on his son Pat’s relationship and state of sanity.

It all boils down to whether Pat will stop obsessing over his ex and see the woman he has right in front of him, which is ironic since Pat is constantly correcting his Dad’s OCD-like quirks over the football games.
Albeit, I’m sure that PAT feels a little put off since he’s the only one being called crazy.

It’s all a little bit crazy!

Pat Senior was always disappointed when his crazy son wouldn’t sit and watch the game with him, bent on believing that it was Pat that was bringing him good luck. But, there was a revelation when Tiffany declared that her and Pat spending time together was the reason for all of the good fortune the Father was having lately.

During a brief spell, I was almost convinced that everyone on screen was in on getting Pat back on track by setting him and Tiffany up together.
But that was probably my own bi-polar.

The dancing was meh, but hey we’re in our forties, the cast was amazing, the direction by David O. Russell was outstanding, apparently! I didn’t go behind the scenes, but c’mon I wouldn’t be surprised if they had Bradley on Lithium for the shoot.

It was a tear-jerker for me.
I can’t speak for my wife, but I’m certain that it was way too real for her. She was probably left thinking,

“Maybe you should marry someone a little crazier.”

She didn’t say that because she’s nice.

And, it’s only fair.
I always tell her she should have married a priest. Because, I’m mean.

On the flip-side, she pretends to be as crazy as a loon and me as holy as a donut. Are we pretending? Who knows!

Bet ya didn’t know that!

Hey, we’ve all got our bright sides or silver linings!

The fact that it’s called The Silver Lining is another conundrum in itself.

Officially, they say that clouds have a silver lining, kinda like,

once the rain is gone we’ll be all white and poofy again.

It reminds me of the corona you see just before the sun comes up. But the fact is, we all have good and bad parts. Good and bad days.
So does life.

With people, it’s important to realize that the sun, in your world, doesn’t rise and set with them.
Sometimes, everyone will look dark. But when that happens, remember their silver lining, because they could be another shining star in your living room when it all plays out right.

Treat people according to their silver lining and you might one-day be as righteous as we think we are.
Well, mine’s getting a little thin…

The important part is, when the bright side comes back around again on life itself, that we all be there together…

…And if you want to prevent people from falling into the trap of placing the sunset behind your eyes, you can always introduce yourself the way my good friend Woody Short use to do and say,

“Nice to meet you. I’m just gonna warn you now, eventually, I don’t know why, and I don’t know when — it might not even be my fault, but eventually, I’ll piss ya off.”

And don’t forget to say

“Sorry in advance.”

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