James and the Giant Pumpkin?


James and the Giant PeachI found James and the Giant Peach one of the best live-action animation marriages of the 20th century.

If you missed it, its stop-motion-like production gave it a dreamy feel kinda like Wallace and Gromit did when you first laid eyes on ‘em.

The movie starts out in real-life like Roger Rabbit and Cool World dared to do way back in the 1980’s and early 90’s.

James escapes his evil step-mothers by hitching a ride on a magical peach, across the ocean to New York city.

That’s when the adventure turns a little creepy, but in a good Nightmare before Christmas kinda way.

The story inspired me to write a similar tale of whimsy about another young boy who was estranged from his father.

But instead of a peach, their relationship rested on the maiden voyage of a magical pumpkin, through the vacuum of space.

Just in time for Halloween, Bookflurry has made the ten minute tale available FREE.

Now you can follow the pumpkin from patch to planet.

Read the flash fliction adventure, Pumpkin Planet, or better yet, listen to the author read it to you, always FREE at


Jay Horne is an author and publisher out of Bradenton, Florida. He is a husband and father of four.
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