I Won't Take It...

 Flash Fiction for Fun

won’t take that train
Photo from Flickr and edited by the author 

This is called Flash Fiction.
I’ve just re-invented it!

Before each sentence think to yourself, “I won’t take it anymore…” in any variety of ways, and see what you can imagine.
Let’s begin!

… She didn’t. Knife in her garter.

… He did though. Everyday, for the rest of his life to the end of his rope.

… She didn’t. Got better. Got worse. Then she did and she got better for awhile.

The hands were mangled, and the knife…

She sits by the bench as it passes. The wind from it pulling her beggar’s sign along with the tumbling newspapers…

… An empty toilet. It’s less messy to leave it.

… No soda for you, but you’re up a dollar.

… “POP!” said the balloon.

… and don’t you take it either.

“Put it back. Let’s go, Son!”

… That’s what she said.

I hope you enjoyed my little romps of the imagination! It’s easy to do. Try it!

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