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Less than One Percent of all Goodness is the Physicality.

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Back in my twenties I watched a B-rated movie called Mind Walk. It was right around the time that The Secret came out, and What the Bleep-Down the Rabbit Hole, and such things…

I really enjoyed that movie twice, and I don’t watch movies twice.
Well, except Frozen, but that was forced, over, over, and over again.

Another one I watched twice was Pontypool. They both had this meditative zeal. The kinda feel like, if you were alone and had real time to just relax, but not waste, then that was it. They were the kind of movies that you could just listen to without the film even. But the film made it better.

I’ve never looked to see if those were based on books because, if they were, they had to have been mostly dialogue. But man, they kept you attentive.

A philosopher, a politic, and a scientist walk around discussing the exact thing they are on vacation retreating from; the problems of the world. Almost sounds like the start of a good joke, and it may be, right?

I mean they’ve spent billions splitting atoms and gazing out into the universe in an effort to figure it all out. Meanwhile, people on planet Earth still starve. Still fight. Still end up unhappy. Ashamed. Scared. Hopeless. Lost.

I sometimes wonder why people who show up in the jungles of untouched inhabitants always have to start out by saying, “Let us show you what we’ve learned,” instead of asking, “How can we help?”

The best pets I ever had wandered up as strays.

I just offered them something with my hand out. And then let them run away.

After a long time, those animals followed me anywhere. They roamed free, but they listened. Of course, I hardly ever asked for anything, other than an occasional, “Over here, boy.”

They listened because I helped them.

Certainly their last owners abused them — drove them out. And maybe that’s what made them love me more…

Sounds kinda like a life between a whip and a salve. I’m unsure that is true goodness. Perhaps it’s a way to find it, eventually.

I think goodness is the true nature of all things.
God called it good.
It’s a good essence.
We couldn’t be born from sin because he also said to multiply.

I recently read a comment on a Christian blog where a kid asked if Adam and Eve had sex before they ate the apple. LOL.

Somebody else commented, “Yes, you idiot!”

I mean, it’s common sense to read the bible, but you gotta find a translation that at least makes sense or you won’t understand a damn word of it.

Try keeping a copy of the New American Standard Bible on hand so you can reference anything you question and form your own opinions. But read something like the New Living Translation just to get through the stories.

You want to enjoy the experience of reading no matter what the book. Or why read it?

The first bible I ever read was the Jehovah’s witness children’s bible. It was a good start for a teen who knew nothing.

Grant it, looking back I can see the writers were aiming at rapture. No pun intended.

I’m doing something similar with War and Peace. Took me two translations to find one that I could follow.

Everybody’s worried about people translating it to their own ignoble desires or something… Just read one in your language.

You’re the final translator — Idiot!

Sorry, I’m talking to myself, not you.

Well, I’m talking to both of us, but see… I can relate.

When I write, I do it with rapture. So, why wouldn’t everyone else?

Thing is, you’re just getting the tip of the goodness poured into my writing.

That’s right. Just the lead on the end of the pencil is left behind. My smile is gone, my laughter, my feeling. The soreness in my fingertips. Sometimes my tears.

My ass was probably even hurting, and I wanted to stretch at one point but didn’t.

But, you just got these little hieroglyphics to interpret and decide what I may have been doing at that moment. Or what I was thinking?

It is all goodness that I put in, or try. But the physical stuff you see and experience is less than one percent of what Life, God, Goodness, really is.

Look at the atom. Look at the planets. The physical things are the tiniest parts.

The stuff that’s moving everything else around is what makes up most of it. The stuff you can’t see.

People’s choices, emotions, perhaps thoughts even…

Imagine plankton floating in the ocean. You don’t think the tides move those things around more than they do themselves?

If a tidal wave came, it’d wash us all away!

Science and automotive manufacturers have simulated car crashes for decades. They’ve used dummies, and even donated human cadavers to adjust their products to a safer experience in case of such accidents.

Mary Roach wrote about it extensively in STIFF: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers.

But they never used live people.
Oh, c’mon! I’m not suggesting they should! I am just making a point. According to Auto Accident Attorneys drunk driver’s are 65% more likely to survive accidents than the sober. Supposedly, because they just go with the flow.

Cars are safer, yes. But, because of the love, time, and design that the people have put into them. The cars themselves are just specks in the whole scheme of things.

It’s so insignificant that you cannot be too passionate about it or you’ll over react.

If you want to live life in rapture. You can only do it three ways, over and over in cycle.

How you judge it, how you react to it, and then what you give to it.

Because anything in physicality is just a cycle of time.

The Earth around the Sun is called a year, the moon around the Earth is called a month, and the hand around the clock is called an hour.
Sadhguru said that.

Then he challenged us to rise above the cyclical nature and show interest in things' growth. To see ourselves as the unintentional nurturers. Bees that enjoy the beauty of a flower. Kids that play in the dirt.

It’s enough for us to simply spread the pollen and stir the soil.

And even that can happen by accident.

If this article helped you. Share it. Because I know a few people who could use a few more beautiful things…

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