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Womb to Tomb

Sistine Chapel
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Seize the moment!

Successful people do just that.
Carpe Diem!

The problem with everything happening in a flash is, all you ever get to do is look back at things. You get to remember as the spin winds down. The shine dwindles. The white washes out….
The color fades.

The Doppler effect.

It’s coming.
It’s gone.

The light was so bright when I opened my eyes…

Brighter than I even feared!

They pulled me out three weeks late.

Straight from the womb to this blinding light.

It would kill me, this intense white!

It was suffocating.

I couldn’t breathe!

There he was though. Open palms. Welcoming me home.


He just wanted a hug.

And I gave it to him.

What else was there to do? It was my first and last breath in this strange world!

I had made it. Finally.



But someone was crying.

It wasn’t me. I was happy!

But, I could feel their pain —

— or was it joy?

In it, I drew a breath and remembered…

What a life you’ve lived…

…I’ll be there soon.

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