Space Force

 Space Force

One thing the new series Space Force has done for the literary world is make it a whole lot easier to write ‘The President of the United States’ in longhand.

POTUS isn’t messing around when he mobilizes the first newly created branch of armed forces in seven decades.

But, neither is Netflix.

They were quick to jump on the satirical wagon with an upbeat and downright perfect piece of lunar lunacy for today’s media moguls.

I think I inhaled two seasons in less than three days.

One thing that Netflix definitely did, was spend the same amount of money making Space Force funny as it will likely cost the government to make Space Force work.

I say, save yourself the headache, and hire the already trained cast and crew to man the real thing. It’ll make for a perfect match to our over-qualified Presidential candidates.

I mean, what works in Washington can work in Hollywood, right?

What’s better, is the debauchery. The more we try and fix things the more crazy things tend to get.

Yes, there’s a hole in the O-zone.

Yes, measurements say it is growing.

But POTUS isn’t buying it since Baz Luhrmann’s closing statement back in the 1980’s was wear sunscreen.

“It just hasn’t happened,” he says. “Show me one person who’s walking around in blue suntan lotion or three layers of clothes.

“These people have been making outlandish claims since the first photos were taken from space!”

But, that can’t stop Elon Musk from taking a shot at the issue from the private sector.

See what happens when the Planet Preservation Corporation ignores POTUS’s warnings and accidentally turns the atmosphere to glass.

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