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Lilith, Eve, and Adam

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I began my journey in writing many years ago…

Perhaps, my passion existed before I was even aware. As some zygote in my mother’s womb when my handsome, hard-working, self-motivating, and athletic father coupled in desire with my creative, beautiful, and artistic mother in the early eighties.

They do say that it takes two to tango. But, throughout my more than ambiguous studies of philosophy, biology, and religion I have teased out a theory that is rather triune in nature.

I mean, who can blame their parents for giving birth to them?

Have you ever thanked them? Ever cursed them? Both?

Or, are you perhaps as humble as I and presume that you may have, in fact, chosen to take part in this grand game of conscious evolution yourself?

It really is an art, raising children. Trying to gently explain to them that life is an exercise in personal, and then global accountability.

It’s a death sentence is what it is!

Well, gently I will tell you what I think. Take it or leave it.

I’ve read things like Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle’s and wondered, just how can she write a world like that?! She must have lived it!

And then I read Stephen King’s Gunslinger Series and think, wow, this guy did live some of this! And as one avid reader wrote, “and his poor wife as well!”

Now, I understand.

In writers’ defense everywhere I am going to attempt to make us seem less crazy, and in-turn make us out to be even more insane.

But, if you were to just read and research anything to do with the power of blood, and Romanian history, and if perhaps you moved to New Orleans for awhile, you may just think that the only way you are going to be able to live forever is to drink some life-giving fluid from another beautiful and perfectly sane vampire.

On another hand, if you were confined to a padded cell with paper and pen, and stuck with nothing but your own imagination, you may just start scribbling anecdotes and stories like Michael De Luca. Then before you knew it, you may have written a world haphazardly into existence and convinced yourself along the way that you were creating something from a Mouth of Madness

My fifteen-year-old son once told me his greatest fear was ‘making it big’ and then someone Googling his search history.

But he was also grown-up enough to say one of the most self-appreciating things I have ever heard. He told me, “I believe if you think something, it’s just as bad as doing it.”

And I’m going to go out on a limb, because that is where he literally told me this (while we were sitting on a limb together) and suggest he was talking about sin.
And, hey! They say children and old fools speak the truth.

I assured him, when the time comes to collect, you can only give what you have. It takes money to make money. But hey, the boy skirts the lines of creative genius. Fear inspires creativity. The fear of death, especially, inspires humane creativity.

God knows what Van Gogh was guilty of thinking

A couple years back I wrote a book called The Only Thing I Like About Living while I was attending AA and therapy. It pretty much boiled everything down to my own personal accountability.

Not that I’ve never had any, but it’s clarified for me that we are always a part of the process.

Mom and Dad wanted to be together. I was once that desire.

I mean, there’s a reason we say we’re coming. Excuse my French. You know, right at that moment.

Well, we’re both saying it, or screaming it, or whimpering... My wife and I, at the same time…

But sometimes I think women are more receptive to the other little guy who’s screaming too. Yep, the little dude or gal who’ll show up… in time.

Somehow, Mom and Dad thought me up, and I said, “Yes.”
They came up with me, together! I hear kids everywhere saying, “Eeeewwww!”

I know, I know… This leads into all kinds of gross and slippery arguments about vasectomys and contraceptives and what not. But, think of your best orgasms. Not now, that can get messy.

But, was someone else there?

If they weren’t; they are now!

And that, guys be warned, is what made me believe that Ariana Grande may be partially correct in assuming God is a Woman. Well, at least that the first physical person was a woman.

Then comes the crazy debate cycle. Well, bring it on! I have no side here, I’m a student myself.

In honor of man, though, how great was your first creation? The first two? Heck, most of our first works, especially, in my own case, when we rush them out of the chute, end up working against us.

People read my first stuff and said, “I’ve had enough!”

But here I am again…

So, why wouldn’t God get a few practice swings?

Now, I’m not saying that my wife was a practice swing… I saw that coming a mile away.

In fact, official doctrine now says that she’s the final product (the perfect specimen), but I’m talking before all that.

When the world was young. Back before the Tower of Babel was cast down.

Yeah, now you’re speaking my language…

Back in a time when the waters were gathered together in one place to reveal the land. And that land was Pangea.

Isn’t unity nice?

So, how can we get back there from our nine-to-fives, and international airline flights? Gaping distances of ocean separating landmasses, mankind, and womankind alike? How can we speak the same language again?

Be a people?

Well, it starts with water, rocks, and lichens, and then there’s s a great band called The Beatles.

 Courtesy of https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=45cYwDMibGo | may present with Ad

I’ve been working on my Magnum opus for some years. It is a trilogy.

Lilith will recount the birth of the first physical form to Earth (God’s first practice swing) and the construction of the Tower of Babel in an effort to understand Love.

Eve (God’s second practice swing) is what you can listen to here and has been published under numerous titles including Hubudi, Tower Hearts, and Eve… but currently is under the working title of Remember. Yet, I am going to end up titling all of them chronologically Lilith, Eve, and Adam when I am through sometime late 2023.

I will replace the current Eve with the re-write and it will go forever into the bowels of ebay’s antiquities dealers. I really should buy some copies of those old things… but I think all authors tell themselves that.

Just a waste of money when you’re trying to make a living, really. But tell that to ebayers trying to sell my out-of-prints for like five hundred bucks!

That book, however, delves into a present timeline and a love story, where the tower gets resurrected.

The third installment, Adam, will perhaps be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when Evelyn’s child is born and God finally decides to start anew with Man.

Must have been something about all those feelings that women have that was messing things up to begin with!

Better off just making her subordinate!

“Here Adam, I give you Earth! It is yours to populate and command, just don’t let your feelings govern you for God’s sake!
And here, I will craft you a companion that will respect you, love you, reflect your beauty, clean the dishes, laugh at your jokes, down right worship you, and it will only cost you an arm and a leg,” God says.
and Adam of course replies, “Eh, what can I get for a rib?”

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I could use a little community support.

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