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Is God really a Woman like Ariana Grande suggests?

     So, is God a Woman like Ariana Grande suggests?
     I love Ariana's song and her fearlessness in releasing it. More people than you think believe that God is of the sex or race that they occupy, but why?
     Doesn't it just seem common sense to do so? Well then, why has God been mostly called He among humans since time immemorial? At the least, I would argue that the statement itself should be researched and verified to be true. Has God been called He for time immemorial? I, myself can recall a few female God's like Hera, or Shiva... but were they subordinate to a greater God that perhaps was called He?
     Furthermore, does history really tell us the whole story of our origin? That is what we are really saying when we claim to know who or what God is, isn't it? So let's ask ourselves. What was our origin? Where did we come from? What was all of this before we realized that we were part of all of this.
     When our Brains' finally evolved enough (or when Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil) and we finally were blessed (or cursed) with awareness, did we immediately ask ourselves, "How did I get here?" or did we just run off and cower in our nakedness, like the Bible suggests? Thank God for the awareness of the available bush or tree when all that happened too, because Lord knows we'd instantly think we needed a loincloth!
     Herein begins the problem with our awareness, wherever it came from. You'd think the most pressing question of an aware being would be, "Who am I and how did this happen?" if it was an instantaneous thing. If it was an evolutionary thing we would think that slowly our worry about going hungry might start to require a bit more cognition to avoid that feeling.
     Either way you choose to decide that it may have happened, the fact remains that both experiences do share a common quality or event. That being: distraction.
     The shame of our nakedness, for example, distracted us from asking the more important questions like, "How did this happen." Or, the need to acquire food to continue living, prevented us time to sit around and celebrate such wonder as having realized that you evolved yourself into existence!
     Imagine, if a nonexistent being imagined itself up, and then realized they did that. Wouldn't they just jump with Joy and shake hands with their friends, and love every part of them selves? Every part of themselves being every other thing and person on the planet and in the Universe, because they all came from the same mind or Nothingness, right? Or did we?
     These questions are the ones that led to Jay Mathis Horne writing the Pangea Chronicles. In his book EVE, a couple, who believe their own God's of differing faiths are the One true God, end up through amazing adventure finding that indeed they can coexist, Jay began working on the prequel and sequel. During his writing he was forced to answer the huge questions.
     He tells us, "All I can say is, the discoveries I made during the writing of Jesse and Evelyn's journey were such a remarkable and astounding experience, I will never forget them. As I finish writing the closing to the series and begin other works of literature, I can only hope that those works will reward me with the same thankfulness and unity that Pangea has."
Eve Ebook Cover
     From someone whose read the first book out, EVE and has personally sat down with Jay as he explained the concept of the trilogy, I can now see how God could indeed be a Woman! Also I can see how God could indeed be a Man! But most of all his work and words showed me something even more astounding. God can be both at the same time too!
     He explains to me over coffee, that all of the scientists seem to thing that the Big Bang relates to something like a balloon that was instantly inflated at one point and that the Universe exists inside of the balloon. He kinda likes that explanation, because it is simple, yet less beautiful than the one summarized by the book trilogy over time.
     Jay looks at the beginning of the Universe as the apex of the point of orgasm between a Husband and Wife (as is his case, or two lover's of anyone's consensual preference, he has no judgement either way)
     Jay says the beginning of existence is the divine pleasure of ultimate Love and union, and the Universe's physical existence is what lies between the two desire's of those Lovers as they come apart. That all that exists are pieces of the memory of what it is like to be together again.
     To Jay, total unity and being the All of Everything, is actually total solitude. In the case of being a unitary God, one would know that everyone that was created by that omnipotent being, were done so of not their own volition and if they did indeed Love that one Unitary God it would only be because that same Unitarian God created them thus.
     There in-lies the problem when men and women state that God is either He or She. We, as humans assume that the one above is all powerful and may have anything they wish, since everything was created from their loins.
     Yet, If true Godhood exists at all, that God, or in Jay's case in belief, Gods (though he is adamant that the Gods can be one or two depending on their desire) would forever be suffering the longing for unity with their companion. He says they each sacrificed the embrace of their own greatest Love's to offer us a chance to experience that same ultimate joy and feeling that they knew before the beginning of time and space. The melding of two lovers. The mixing of the juices. The creation of offspring eternal.
     And what makes us so special that our God's be willing to stay apart for such lengths of time that allow us lifetimes of abundant experience on Earth?
     "Well," Jay says, "it sounds a lot like the sacrifice we make as parents. How we only secret away to have sex under the cover of sheets and the night, while our offspring sleep safe in their beds, dreaming ... and that union may become less and less frequent, while our love for our offspring grows more and more abundant, and we become Santa in their teenage years, as my father once put it, only coming once a year!"
     Oh, how Life finds a way.
     So God is a woman and God is a man. And when we realize that simple fact, as adults, and find our true love we will never again fail to worship one another.
     Read 'Eve' the first book of a trilogy called The Pangea Chronicles by Jay Mathis Horne and find out for yourselves how Jesse and Evelyn raise again the Tower of Babel and re-unite the continents back into the once great Garden of Eden known as Pangea.
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     Tell us how you believe existence came to be. Do you believe it was instantly created? Do you believe we all evolved? Do you believe both? Co-exist or Contradict? Reply below and let's talk about it!

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