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Whatever your level of experience with money, it is always good to get back to the brass tacks once in awhile. That’s a reference to the strip that goes down on the concrete, before laying the carpet, for all of you white collar workers out there. No matter if you have a hard time saving or if you already have a decent nest egg, you better take an interest in your money working the hardest and making the most for you. The worst mistake to make with money is letting it sit idle and unemployed. While there is something to be said about the safety in keeping a certain sum tucked away, in a safe or in the form of bullion, I don’t want to get lost in that argument. With that, take two percent post-tax and hide it. Let’s move on. I am in no way a representative for Fidelity but I have become an advocate. I’ve found Fidelity to offer the most comprehensive structure for growing finances available. I can say that because I have tried nearly every platform out there. Etrade, Robinhood, Stash,…

Boldly Go

     To boldly go, is to go boldly where no man has before, whether into the thicker font of a more deeply dipped pen, or into the throes of various venereal diseases.

Where are those places where men go to be called bold?
     Frontiers are the obvious answer, whether into the final one called marriage or away from the slow drag of high-speed fios in the back of a Nissan with William Shatner.

     To venture bravely into space is to be as bold as the darkness enveloping the ship on a moonless and cloudy night while it slides along the sea, sending ripples out into the vastness of time, only resonating soundly when they strike a shore. Beaches are like the objects in the night sky, beacons of hope. Final destinations beckoning bottles set adrift, their weight warping space-time into children's coin-funnels.
     Boldness won. Change at the bottom of a well, relinquished merrily for a child's smile yet the rapacity of a stranger's outstretched hand prevails.

Be Bold.

Jay Horne is an author and publisher out of Bradenton, Florida who has shared a genuine interest in philosophy and martial arts since early childhood. He is a husband and father of four.

View all of his professional and philosophical works of literature on his Amazon author page where you will find blogs, videos, and free excerpts:

Jay M Horne


  1. Give change to kids and men alike. They're just going to throw it away for a moment's curiosity or contentment. How better could you spend it? You'll never be content.


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