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Whatever your level of experience with money, it is always good to get back to the brass tacks once in awhile. That’s a reference to the strip that goes down on the concrete, before laying the carpet, for all of you white collar workers out there. No matter if you have a hard time saving or if you already have a decent nest egg, you better take an interest in your money working the hardest and making the most for you. The worst mistake to make with money is letting it sit idle and unemployed. While there is something to be said about the safety in keeping a certain sum tucked away, in a safe or in the form of bullion, I don’t want to get lost in that argument. With that, take two percent post-tax and hide it. Let’s move on. I am in no way a representative for Fidelity but I have become an advocate. I’ve found Fidelity to offer the most comprehensive structure for growing finances available. I can say that because I have tried nearly every platform out there. Etrade, Robinhood, Stash,…

Man's time has come and gone. Start again with- Eve.

Father Time and Mother Earth are ideas kindled in the mind of men, are they? How deep do the roots of duality go? Find out as Jesse and Evelyn discover the dark secrets of their families' past.

Make your way back to the saga that started it all ...

The Tower of Babel has been cast down, segregating Pangea and Mankind alike ...
Can Love reunite opposing Creeds?
Their journey will make you believe!


The Pangea Chronicles comes to life in Book Two, EVE, with Jesse and Evelyn finding their way to one another with the help of the Fae and the Djinn. The Tower has been resurrected and Adam, the child of the divine couple, grows within Eve's womb.
Read 'Lilith' (est. release 2020) and journey back to the beginning, when the Fae World took its first breath just after the initial blast that created the Universe. Meet the beings of the world before life, before substance, whose thoughts mold the reality of what is to come in the World of Form. See what mistakes the Creators may have made had they ever had the ability to form a wrong thought.
In the sequel 'Adam' (est. release 2022), delve into the mind of the creator come to Earth, caught between destiny and reality. Can he make a wrong choice? Does anyone ever have a choice at all in the World of the Living? Does the choices he's made in the World of Time make him who he is to become, or do the choices he makes as a human change the destiny he has already written himself?

No other book series better equally represents Man and Woman's inborn desire to own the creation of the Universe.

They never thought that the symbol of their love could carry so much power.
Jesse and Evelyn faithfully nurture their taboo relationship
(despite, and with, the 'help' of supernatural forces)
while uncovering the dark secrets of their families' pasts.
The bond between the two could be the only hope for erasing global segregation and returning the great First Pyramid to its former glory.

To be released as a Trade Paperback October 1st. Hardcover w/ color illustrations and the electronically published versions will follow October 10th. Be the first to review it at Amazon.
Eve, Jay Horne, Pangea, Romance, Sci Fi, Science Fiction

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