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Whatever your level of experience with money, it is always good to get back to the brass tacks once in awhile. That’s a reference to the strip that goes down on the concrete, before laying the carpet, for all of you white collar workers out there. No matter if you have a hard time saving or if you already have a decent nest egg, you better take an interest in your money working the hardest and making the most for you. The worst mistake to make with money is letting it sit idle and unemployed. While there is something to be said about the safety in keeping a certain sum tucked away, in a safe or in the form of bullion, I don’t want to get lost in that argument. With that, take two percent post-tax and hide it. Let’s move on. I am in no way a representative for Fidelity but I have become an advocate. I’ve found Fidelity to offer the most comprehensive structure for growing finances available. I can say that because I have tried nearly every platform out there. Etrade, Robinhood, Stash,…

The Only Thing I Like About Living

     As Jim Gaffigan said on his comedy tour, and it applies to everything in adult life,
"It's funny how our out look on alcohol changes during our lifetime. It starts out as something we know is wrong. As teenagers we say, 'I don't really like the taste of it, but it's kinda cool,' then it turns into something we think gives us confidence to fit in with the opposite sex during our early twenties, and by the time we reach our forties we're like, "Ya know what, this is the only thing I like about being alive."
Book on Addiction     He roused a laugh at that statement, but only because it's true.
     It's funny to think back to when we were kids and how wonderful it was to be unaccountable for our sins. I would argue that the reason alcohol, smoking, prescriptions, and illegal drugs are America's favorite past-times, has a lot to do with our desire to recapture that feeling all over again.
That sense of unaccountability. Back then we were just kids, innocents. As we've aged we've tried to find ways to widen that gap between us and our parents who were racing up behind us in the relay with the baton. If they handed it off to us, we'd have to admit that we were in charge of our decisions. What would we ever do then and what would that mean?
     Many of us adults feel a lot like Jim Gaffigan's punch line. We often find ourselves living for one thing. We drag ourselves through our workday, return home, and either look into our loved ones eyes, reach for a beer, or both and sigh, "Ah, this is what it's all about."
     But is it, really? Is that all? Is becoming an adult really a trap?
     I have found through writing this latest book that adulthood can, in fact, be the most rewarding
I have written numerous books on addiction, philosophy, and religion, and never had I truly understood the power of a clean conscience. Only after dropping my behind in a few AA meetings did I really start grasping everything that I had been up to all of these years. A room full of people from different beliefs, who have overcome a variety of addictions, is a powerful tool for any person that doesn’t feel joy in everyday living. If joy is missing from most things in your life, there is no other reason than that it is being placed too heavily into another single part of your existence.
     Join me on my journey and let's rid ourselves of boredom, solitude, and addictions in adulthood. I promise you that I have laid out instructive life stories, personal reflections, and exercises that read like we are all right along for the ride together. The book is a journey from cover to cover that—while explaining why we constantly seek that old childhood innocence—brings us back face-to-face with the experience of it, and leaves us smiling, hopeful, and thankful.
thing this life has to offer us. Have you, like I, no idea the wonderful things life has in store for you if you but totally clear your conscience and rid yourself of reciprocal chaotic actions? Imagine the things that could appear in your experience if you had no negative karma coming your away at all.
     When I was about halfway through writing this book I had an idea to do an outline, as to be sure I was putting as much good information into this book for my readers as possible. But then I thought, to myself, "I really want this to be an experience that readers will remember."
     You can watch a short clip on my thoughts about writing and publishing.

The Only Thing I Like About Living: Three Steps to Freedom from Solitude, Boredom, and Addiction in Adulthood


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