Low Libido Caused by High-Stress Workplaces

     Most partners enjoy a healthy sexual relationship well into their later years if one another can keep up with changing sexual preferences. Loss of libido oftentimes is due to stress at work, differences in opinion, medications, loss of interest in a partner, or medical conditions. In the world of Emergency Medical Services, to some employees, low libido is just a fact-of-life.
     When the majority of nude people you encounter have blood coming out of one or more orifices, whether female or male and most likely in an other-than-naturally occurring manner, one's desire for sexual activity can start to wane. In the workforce's defense, it is a part of the job and therefore comes with the territory.
     Emergency workers oftentimes are paid low wages to account for their built-in overtime as they work twenty-four hours in a row. Some of these hours can be spent sleeping, but how often do the telephones in a 911 Dispatch Center stop ringing? The answer: next to never.
     A low rate of pay, can be cause for a household's primary provider to work constant double shifts in order to pay the rent and provide groceries in today's marketplace. When a head-of-household is away from home for five out of seven days a week, dealing with a high-stress environment, it can lead to unnecessary anxiety during his or her minimal time with their own family.
     An EMS worker in Manatee County, Florida, who prefers to remain anonymous, says that during her day at home, she is challenged with spending enough time with her children for them to consider her 'Mom', while also juggling school on-line to further increase her wage to provide.
     "Half the time I am trying to decide between playing on the floor with my kids, sitting on the computer, or just having a drink to try and forget the fact that I have to be back 'at work' in the morning for another two days." she says.
     All of this stress leaves little time for intimacy between Jane Doe and her husband, who is a stay-at-home father-of-four.
     "It's not that I don't ever feel like having sex." says Jane. "Really, I think it is just my libido.
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How can I possibly think of engaging in intercourse, when the anxiety of a forty-eight hour workday and the worry of not knowing my own children fight for dominance in my mind for the whole ten hours I'm at home between shifts? Not to mention the fact that we're barely scraping by and my only hope in ever making more money is to dedicate my free time to other income opportunities or education."
     Jane is not alone. Millions of Americans work hours like Jane, which comes out to around one-hundred hours per week. That is two and half times a 40 hour work week! This puts people like Jane at their workplace more than they are in their own homes. So does today's demanding pace of life make it impossible for couples to enjoy a little alone time?
     Hope may not be lost. The libido, or sex-drive, is unique in humans as the urge for sex can be consciously repressed or sublimated. This means a person, who has a desire for sexual activity, also has the ability to simply choose not to act on that impulse. This also implies that the opposite is true.
     A person with no direct or apparent desire for sex can still be stimulated and engage in enjoyable intercourse. The morality of such a statement and act is defined by the partnership and the honest communication that transpires within it. In Jane's case, the business of her everyday affairs, at home and at work, make it easy for her to overlook the importance of simply talking to her partner about her sexual position. Adversely, If her husband never opens up to her about his own sexual frustration, which stems from her unintentional lack of interest, an honest exchange will never take place between them. As Lemuel K. Washburn said"Honesty is never seen while sitting astride the fence."
     Conclusively, silence can't have a place among the duality of sexual relationships if both partners are to remain mentally and emotionally healthy. For couples who are involved in high-stress workforces and busy home lives, time needs to be created for the  most important part of any family- the mom and dad ... and sometimes, a little manual stimulation just might be required to heat things up.

Written by Jay M. Horne 2017
Author/Publisher at Http://www.bookflurry.com


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